Something New–-for All Our Readers

By Mark A. Taylor

You can sort most CHRISTIAN STANDARD readers into one of three categories.

Some read or at least skim every page every week.

Some read some of the magazine some weeks, when they have time or when they see something that particularly interests them. They don’t feel bad about what they choose to skip.

Some receive a copy every week and want to read it—but they feel guilty when they fall behind. Unread issues stack up beside them in an accusing pile.

We’d like to serve those in all three groups, and we’d like everyone to feel good about each new issue. (No one needs another source of guilt, even if it’s false guilt!) This, plus some hard realities in today’s publishing world, have prompted us to try something new in 2009.

Instead of 52 weekly issues, we will publish 48 times this year. Starting with the Spring quarter, those ordering quarterly will receive 12 issues per quarter instead of 13.

CHRISTIAN STANDARD is not the first publication reeling under higher postage costs. While some have drastically cut their publication schedules, we believe this small step is the best one this year. We can mail a 32-page issue cheaper than two 16-page issues, saving money while giving you the same amount of content without jacking up our prices.

So, four times this year we will publish an issue to serve two weeks. We guarantee that each of these issues will be at least 32 pages (instead of our usual 16). Each of these special issues will contain both of our biweekly features, “CHRISTIAN STANDARD Interview” and “BUZZ” as well as all the other material you’ve come to depend on.

Meanwhile, we want to tell you about 12 special issues we’ll publish in 2009. Like last year, once each month we’ll publish a special, thicker issue devoted to an important theme (and open to a wider range of advertisers than our 16-pagers). This, the first of those special issues, comes with our promise to keep improving our content and the way we send it to you.


12 Special Issues in 2009

January 2: Vacation Bible School

February 15: North American Christian Convention Preview

March 15: Christian Colleges

*April 19, 26: Megachurches

May 17: Senior Citizens

June 14: Smaller Churches

*July 12, 19: Distribute at NACC

September 6: Church Planting

*October 4, 11: Declaration and Address/Great Communion

November 1: Reading Resources

November 29: Distribute at Missionary Convention

*December 20, 27: Christmas and New Year’s

*Designates double issue


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