TCM’s ‘Priscilla Initiative’ Boosts Training for Women

By Jennifer Taylor


Training Christians for Ministry (TCM) created its “Priscilla Initiative” to provide graduate-level Christian leadership education, training, and practical experience to women in Europe and Central Asia.

Over the last 10 years, women around the world have become more influential in developing their families, churches, and communities. “Yet because of cultures and customs,” TCM writes, “these women have fewer opportunities than their male counterparts to access formalized Christian education and training that will enable them to grow spiritually and develop as strong Christian leaders.”

TCM is working to solve these problems by establishing a scholarship fund and providing the scholarships to 21 deserving female students in 2011. TCM hopes to repeat the program with another 21 women in 2012 and to continue the financial support for every scholarship recipient until each one graduates.

The ministry’s long-term goal is to provide scholarship funding to every female student by the beginning of 2014.

Popular Christian comedienne Anita Renfroe has embraced the Priscilla Initiative and is working with TCM to promote awareness of the ministry and its work. She has scheduled concerts throughout 2011 and 2012 to support the cause; visit for more information.


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