Virginia Churches, Others Partner to ‘Change Who Waits’

By Jennifer Taylor

 Thousands of children around the country need to be adopted, and this spring’s “Change Who Waits” initiative, coordinated by churches and organizations in Virginia, is working to make adults the ones who wait.

“Our goal is to recruit so many families that are willing to foster and adopt children that there are no more (kids) waiting—there are actually families waiting for children!” says the CWW website.

Dozens of churches—including Area 10 Faith Community, New Venture Christian Church, and Velocity Christian Church (all in Richmond); Fairmount Christian Church (Mechanicsville); Chester Christian Church (Chester); Forefront Christian Church and Avalon Church of Christ (both in Virginia Beach); Real Life Christian Church and New Beginnings Christian Church (both in Chesapeake); and Langley Christian Church (Hampton)—are partnering with the Virginia Department of Social Services and foster care agencies to hold rallies sharing the need and the opportunity for foster care and adoption.

 “The rallies will feature some teaching and a lot of stories and testimonies from foster parents and from kids who have grown up in the foster care system,” says the website. “At the end of the rallies, everyone will get an opportunity to connect with local foster care agencies to start the process of becoming a foster parent.”

The rallies are free and will be held three Saturdays in May. Learn more at

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