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We’re happy to post news from Christian churches, churches of Christ, and missions, colleges, and other parachurch agencies serving them. News items will appear on this Web site soon (usually within 3-5 days) after you submit them. Some items also run in the print magazine about six or seven weeks after that.

All news items must include name and daytime phone number of sender. We cannot accept phoned submissions. Be sure to include name of church or organization as well as city and state.

Submit all news to Digital photos (jpeg format, between 1-3mb in size) are welcome. Designate your news item under one of the following headings:

• College and Missions

• Coming Events (please keep in mind our 6-7-week lead time for items to appear in the print magazine)

• Obituaries: Obituaries can include the following information: age, location, education, ministries or service, marital status, jobs, any preceding children’s or spouse’s death, survivors (children names and places; brothers and sisters names only; numbers of grandchildren or great-grandchildren no names), funeral services, burial, ministers who officiated, and direction for memorial gifts. Pictures are welcome (but are used only in printed version).

• Ordinations and Anniversaries: We report ordinations of ministers, not elders or deacons. Pictures are welcome.

We report any ministry anniversary, but can use a picture only when reporting a ministry anniversary of 40 or more years . We report wedding anniversaries of 25 or more years but can use a picture only when reporting a wedding anniversary of 50 or more years.

• Other News: This may include youth events. (We report only regional youth events or youth projects or concerts involving the youth of one congregation serving at another congregation.)


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Send church-related news, in writing, to CHRISTIAN STANDARD.

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By mail: 16965 Pine Lane, Suite 202, Parker, CO 80134

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