Reopening Support Tools

Reopening Support Tools

As churches of all sizes across the country continue to deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and begin regularly meeting together again, Christian Standard wants to provide tools to help your church.

Restoration Movement churches don’t need to face the unique challenge of navigating these uncertainties alone. We’re in this together.

Below are some sample guidelines and documentation to help your church create a plan for reopening. These resources have been provided to us by churches in our movement, and if your church has resources to offer as well, please let us know in the comment section below or email us at

Please feel free to download these documents and edit them to reflect the policies, names, locations, sizes, etc. of your church and state regulations.

A few things we recommend:

  • Contact tracing will most likely be very important in days to come. We recommend using a form provider (which is often free for smaller groups) such as Google Forms, JotForm (these can both be used even if your church doesn’t have a website), or any form builder you may have on your existing website to create a pre-registration form. This will help you adequately prepare for services and provide a record in the case that you need to contact attendees about possible exposure.
  • Consider your neighbor. We realize this has been a stressful time with many opinions and concerns. The second greatest commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself. Please understand that all precautions implemented are in an effort to be godly and neighborly. Let’s use this as an opportunity to care for and shepherd our flock.
  • Think outside the box! If your church feels uncomfortable or ill-equipped to reopen, consider alternatives. Wherever technology is available, there is possibility for a service. Online services are providing a way for communities to gather digitally. Maybe your congregation will meet in smaller groups in homes or public places as you begin to reopen. Drive-in services have provided the option for people to physically gather without meeting in an actual building. Innovation will be key during these uncertain times. The church is not defined by a building, so let’s continue to be the church, however that looks!

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