‘Reflections’ Writers for 2007


This year we’ve assembled another lineup of thought-provoking writers who will reflect on the Christian life, ministry, issues confronting the church—especially churches in the Restoration Movement—and the challenges of Christian leadership. Sometimes their columns will fit the theme of the issue in which they appear. Some weeks their writing will provide an interesting contrast to the features in the front of the magazine. Each of these has something special to offer, and we welcome them to our pages.




Greg Allen, worship leader
Southeast Christian Church
Louisville, Kentucky



Randy Gariss, preaching minister
College Heights Christian Church
Joplin, Missouri



Tim Harlow, senior pastor
Parkview Christian Church
Orland Park, Illinois



Lisa Jernigan, chief visionary officer
Girlfriends Unlimited
Mesa, Arizona


Pat Magness, professor of humanities and English
Milligan College (Tennessee)


Matt Proctor, president
Ozark Christian College
Joplin, Missouri



Jim Putman, senior minister
Real Life Ministries
Post Falls, Idaho


Barbara Rendel, director of institutional advancement
Cincinnati (Ohio) Christian University



Doyle Roth, executive minister
Harvester Christian Church
St. Charles, Missouri



Jeff Walling, senior minister
Providence Road Church of Christ
Charlotte, North Carolina



Gary Weedman, president-elect
Johnson Bible College
Knoxville, Tennessee

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