13 September, 2021

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+ The Lookout

Sept. 19 | Jesus Is a Superior Sacrifice

When Jesus was done, he sat down at the right hand of God. These days, people sit down to work. By contrast, in the ancient world when someone sat down, it meant their work was finished (John 19:30)

Sept. 12 | Jesus Is Superior to Moses

The writer of Hebrews makes the case that Jesus was superior to everything and everyone, including the ginormous person of Moses. Was Moses in fact a “type” of Christ (Deuteronomy 18:15-18)?

Sept. 5 | Jesus Is Superior to Prophets and Angels

If Galatians and Colossians addressed a “Jesus-plus” type of faith, then Hebrews addressed a “minus-Jesus” type of faith. Hebrews says that any step away from Jesus is regression. The reason is simple: Jesus is superior to anyone and anything. Four lessons highlight this superiority.

Aug. 29 | Which Desires?

Paul wrote at the level of our desires when he shared the practical application of living by faith in Christ as opposed to living by works of the law. Desires shape much of our lives. But what shapes those desires?

Aug. 22 | Which Covenant?

Just as Sarah forced Hagar to leave, so also Paul forced (called for) God’s people to leave the slavery of the law and embrace freedom in Christ.

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