1 December, 2022

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Throwback Thursday: ‘A Little Folks’ New Testament Church’ (1932)

The Little Folks’ New Testament Church in Ada, Okla., has their own “elders” and “deacons” and their own minister. “They observe the Lord’s Supper. They make their gifts. Best of all they do genuine personal work.”

Tom Blackeagle, Who Led NMC in 2002, Dies (Plus News Briefs)

Tom Blackeagle, who ministered with McKinley Church of Christ for a decade and with the Yakima Indian Reservation and surrounding area (in Washington state) for many decades, was killed in an auto accident in Toppenish, Wash., on Nov. 20. Mr. Blackeagle served as president of the National Missionary Convention—forerunner of ICOM—in 2002 in Wichita, Kan. 

Harvest Prayer Ministries President Dave Butts, 69, Dies

Dave Butts, 69, who started Harvest Prayer Ministries with his wife, Kim, in 1993, died Saturday morning, Nov. 26. He served in full-time prayer ministry for almost 30 years.

Lall Requests Prayers as Persecution Increases in India

Ajai Lall, a well-known and respected Christian leader in India and the United States, requests prayers for the difficult situation he and other Christian leaders are facing in India. 

Let’s Talk About . . . ‘The Chosen’ (Season 3, Episodes 1-2)

In season 3 of “The Chosen,” Jesus’ ministry in Galilee is gearing up—he gathers his apostles, preaches electrifying sermons to swelling crowds, and plans strategy for expanding the ministry all over Israel. 

Final Statistics for ICOM 2023 (Plus News Briefs)

The International Conference On Missions shared some statistics from its recent gathering, Nov. 3-5, in Columbus, Ohio. Also, Russell Noble has published his first book, “Parson to Person.” 

Strong Showings in Finals as Cross Country, Soccer, and Volleyball Teams Close Out Seasons

Milligan University, William Jessup University, Great Lakes Christian College, Manhattan Christian College, and Johnson University Florida had strong showings but didn’t win any championships last week in the national finals of several sports.

Plainfield Church Prepping to Serve Thanksgiving to 2,000

The members of Plainfield Christian Church near Indianapolis are busy this week. The church is sponsoring its 18th Thanksgiving Day Community Dinner—with more than 180 volunteers expecting to serve 2,000 meals.

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December 4 | Lord of the Harvest

The only thing the God of the Bible enjoys more than planting is harvesting. He is both Lord of the Sabbath (Matthew 12:8) and Lord of the harvest (Matthew 9:38). He works very hard in his field, and he invites others to join him there. 

November 27 | A Heart Full of Thankful Praise

The giving of thanks and praising God should not just be seasonal. The two psalms in today’s lesson will spotlight hearts full of thankful praise.

November 20 | A Heart That Is Strong and Courageous

King David challenged Israel to be like Joshua—without naming him—in Psalms 23 and 27.  

November 13 | A Heart That Is Humble

Psalm 8 and Psalm 131 can easily be juxtaposed. Psalm 8 celebrates the worth and dignity of humankind as cocreators, while Psalm 131 celebrates the humility of humankind. . . .

November 6 | A Heart That Seeks God

The theme of seeking God unites sections of Psalms 63 and 105. In strong parallelism and with beautiful pictures, the psalmists told us where God could be found and what that would mean for the whole world.  

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