16 April, 2021

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+ The Lookout

Apr 18 | A New State of Mind

In answering the religious leaders’ questions about death and taxes, Jesus drew a bead on a new state of mind about those issues.

Apr 11 | A New Way Forward

All religious practices will assume some form. But if those forms are not somewhat fluid, they will turn into rigid legalism.

Apr 4 | A New Purpose for Life

The women became the first evangelists. The conflicting emotions of fear and joy propelled them to hurry and run to the disciples to tell them of the angel’s message.

Mar 28 | The Reward of Wisdom

As we enter this Holy Week we must be careful of unjust accusations against our Jewish forefathers for missing Jesus. If we do not embrace the wisdom from heaven, we might miss him too.

Mar 21 | The Call of Wisdom

As the more “unified” section of Proverbs comes to a close in chapters 8–9, we hear two voices. They are the voices (and paths) of Lady Wisdom and Madam Folly.

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