8 November, 2021

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Joy Is Just One Choice Away

A Christian Psychologist’s Perspective on Happiness

Your Sermon This Week Matters!

A Letter from a Fellow Preacher

How COVID-19 Is Changing Christian Missions

Missionaries and mission organizations share their stories.

PrayerFast: A Global Call to Fasting and Prayer

Could This Key Focus of ICOM Over the Next Four Years Restore the Missing Power of Pentecost?

Opening Closed Doors

Tools and Strategies for Sharing the Gospel in Restricted Nations


Expressions of Gratitude Mattered to God and His People in the Old Testament, and They Still Matter Today

Great Opposition or Great Opportunities?

A Top 10 Prayer List for Countries Most Closed to the Gospel

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+ The Lookout

Nov. 14 | Grow Up

Ongoing growth was a challenge for the Hebrew Christians. In this section of the Epistle (Hebrews 5:11–6:12), the writer inserted this aside to exhort people to Christian maturity.

Nov. 7 | Hold Firm to the End

A heart that becomes hard can all too quickly become unbelieving. A hard heart can test the Lord, but an unbelieving heart can cause a person to turn away from God.

Oct. 31 | Both Priest and Sacrifice

Under the Old Covenant, priests would bring animals to the tabernacle and sacrifice them. By contrast, the Messiah not only administers the sacrifice, he is the sacrifice.

Oct. 24 | High Priest in a New Covenant

This text (Hebrews 8:1–9:10) is at the heart of the writer’s argument about how the high priesthood of Jesus interfaces with the old and New Covenants.

Oct. 17 | High Priest in the Order of Melchizedek

As the writer moved his argument along about Jesus’ priesthood and New Covenant, Melchizedek became the perfect type of Christ in the Old Testament to connect some interpretative dots between Jesus and his non-Aaronic tribe.

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