13 July, 2024
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Johnson University sells Florida campus, formerly Florida Christian College, for $28 million.

A Listing of Restoration Movement Podcasts

Christian Standard created this listing of regularly produced podcasts loosely defined as “Restoration Movement” podcasts. The theme-driven podcasts in the top portion of this listing are produced by Christian churches and organizations. The podcasts at the bottom are individual churches’ weekly sermons/messages. . . .

New Discoveries on Medical Care for Transgender Youth

Hilary Cass is the leading pediatrician in England’s National Health Services. She recently completed what The Economist has deemed the most significant review “ever undertaken in the field of transgender health.”

The Lone Ranger Comes to Church

We seem to be returning to those “thrilling days of the yesteryear,” as more and more Americans are toting guns, even in church. News reports indicate a growing number of churches are training church members as armed guards. Is this a good idea? . . .

Lincoln Christian University Officially Closed – But the Work Goes On

Lincoln Christian University has shut its doors for the final time. The 80-year-old Bible college in Illinois ended operations on May 31.

The Gift of Pain

Micah Odor writes, “Every meaningful period of growth in my life has been a time of tremendous pain” . . .

THROWBACK THURSDAY: ‘When Is a Church Not a Church?’ (1967)

“When is a church not a church?” an Iowa preacher wrote in 1967. “A church is no longer a church when it becomes a club. . . . A church is no longer a church when it becomes a bank.” . . .

News Briefs for May 29

A “Not Too Old” one-day conference will take place in Joplin, Mo., on June 29 . . . also briefs from Great Lakes Christian College, Point University, and a new book by Rusty George.

In This Issue

Fences, Freedom, and Fellowship

In my study of our Restoration Movement heritage, it seemed leaders were more concerned with eradicating fences than erecting them. That value has been overlooked by some. . . .

My Truth or The Truth?

While the idea of different religions coexisting together in peace is a commendable goal, as followers of Christ, it’s important we understand that all religions do not point to the same truth. . . .

A Time for Hope: A Bright Future for the Restoration Movement

In my old age, a question persists: Is there hope for the Restoration Movement? . . . Over the decades my answer hasn’t changed much. It is yes. And no. 

Bringing the Streams Together: A Call to Unity within the Restoration Movement

The trajectory of the Restoration Movement has led to three distinct religious bodies. . . . Can we return to an experience of communal unity?

The Solomon Foundation Leads Through Its Core Values

The Solomon Foundation has sought to build the kingdom of God while giving investors a great return on their investment. From the beginning, TSF’s values have guided their path to success. . . .

Foundation Stones of the Restoration Movement

I told my friend about the foundation stones of our movement: truth, unity, and evangelism. . . .

THE FORUM: Thoughts on the Future of the Restoration Movement

We asked several current and emerging leaders in our movement this question: “When you think about the next 10 years for Christian Churches and Churches of Christ, what concerns you and what excites you?”

Forming the Faith of the Next Generation: The Urgency of Shaping Worldview

“Teaching them to obey everything I have commanded” is just as much the Great Commission as “baptizing them.” . . .

+ The Lookout

July 14 Study | She Found Courage

Times got tough for Mordecai and Esther when the king’s right-hand man, Haman, went crazy . . .

July 7 Study | She Found Favor

The book of Esther begins with the Jewish people in captivity and Ahasuerus (Xerxes) in power . . .

June 30 Study | Vision and Insight

Daniel 9 is one of the most penitent prayers in the Bible. In it, Daniel acknowledged God’s greatness and how, in spite of Israel not keeping their end of the covenant, God kept his. . . .

June 23 Lesson | Revealed in Writing

As Belshazzar watched, his face turned pale, his legs became weak, and his knees were knocking. Suddenly the wine didn’t taste so good. . . .

June 16 Study | Looking in Amazement

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego defended themselves without being defensive. They said they did not need to answer the king. . . .

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