18 January, 2022

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The Ministry Pipeline

Restoration Movement colleges struggle to produce enough ministry graduates to meet the growing need for pastors. College presidents explain why.

The Alternatives: Nontraditional Forms of Christian Education

In a world where traditional Bible colleges and universities face many challenges, what options (and opportunities) are emerging for theological and ministry training . . . and how do they stack up?

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+ The Lookout

Jan. 23 | Righteous Remnant

Romans 9–11 is often neglected in many Christian churches. Depending on where one falls on the nuances of Calvinism and millennialism, the content is challenging. . . .

Jan. 16 | Righteous Abraham

Be careful of idolizing Bible characters. They all have feet of clay, and they can marginalize God as the real hero of the biblical narratives. That being said, Abraham is an imitable model of righteousness. . . .

Jan. 9 | Righteous Judgment

Our first two lessons in Romans deal with God’s righteous character evident in his wrath and judgment. Beneath the radar was the tension between Jew and Gentile in regard to salvation.

Jan. 2 | Righteous Wrath

Romans has been responsible for more church revivals than any other New Testament book. This month, students will learn that God is righteous, and therefore judgment should be left in his hands.

Dec. 26 | Unexpected Hope

We move from the joy of the shepherds spreading the good tidings of Christmas (last week’s lesson) to the Sadducees asking Jesus about the future (this week’s lesson).

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