3 August, 2021

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A Time for Courage

The church historically has multiplied during times of persecution, and it’s possible we will see growth as we come out of this pandemic. The church needs to be courageous.

First Lady

The title “first lady” instantly brings to my mind images of Laura Bush, Michelle Obama, and Melania Trump. But in many churches of Christ and Christian churches, the first lady is the woman married to the pastor.

SPIRE NETWORK: Growing a Legacy of Connection, Contribution, and Collaboration

Spire Network is built on the vision of seeking measurable kingdom impact through practical ministry support. . . . It is a community linked together with a common identity that is working to help accelerate our movement of restorative Christian churches.

The Law of the Bigger Yes!

Do you have a sense you are on “special assignment”—that something important has been given to you to do . . . a calling that matters?

Lemuel’s Mother: Praiseworthy Advisor and Model

We know little of Lemuel except that he was a king, a poet, and a man who appreciated his good mother.

Mary: Waiting with Faith

Mary used her mind to inform her heart. She observed, she listened, she reflected, she sought wisdom and understanding. We can do the same.

Esther: Choosing the Right Thing Even When It’s the Hard Thing

No matter the outcome, choosing the right thing when it’s the hard thing is always a good thing.

Manoah’s Wife: Unnamed but Not Anonymous

Israel was in big trouble, and they needed a big solution, and God revealed his big plan to a wife who displayed big faith.

Ruth: How God Weaved Her Story of Redemption into His

Ruth went from being an outsider to being part of the lineage of Jesus. Her story helped pave the way to the greatest story ever told. Your story can have great impact, as well.

Deborah: Bronze-Age Wonder Woman

Deborah’s complete confidence in God made her a strong leader for her people.

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+ The Lookout

Aug. 8 | Which Righteousness?

Having called the Galatians back to the true gospel, defended his own apostleship, and having confronted Peter (i.e., Cephas), Paul begins to argue for the gospel of righteousness.

Aug. 1 | Which Gospel?

With the churches of Galatia, Paul squared off against doctrinal defection. The gospel that came from heaven cannot be improved. Adding to it or subtracting from it totally dilutes it.

July 25 | Down but Not Defeated

The last king of Judah (Zedekiah) was horribly corrupt, and Nebuchadnezzar came and burned the city and the temple. But offstage a note of hope was being played that would allow God to fulfill his promise to save the world through Jesus.

July 18 | The Testimony of Prophets

The prophets of the Old Testament were the mean junkyard dogs of Israel. . . . Both Elijah and Elisha made it into Jesus’ ordination sermon, and some of their miracles are templates for miracles of Jesus

July 11 | The Call for Reform

It did not take many years for the wisdom of Solomon to unravel and the kingdom to be divided.

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