12 June, 2021

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Make the Jump!

Seeking to understand why people haven’t come back to in-person services, don’t get more involved in the church, and avoid many other good things . . . and what we can do about it

Harness the Opportunity: It’s Time to Plan for Growth Again

Crisis is always an opportunity. History proves the church can grow through and after a pandemic. I will not let this crisis kill my faith.

The ABCs of Chasing Strays

Like it or not, many seats remain empty on Sunday morning, and rather than stew about it, we should do something about it. Now is the time to chase strays.

The Power of Human Touch

There’s an incredible connection between in-person church attendance and spiritual, mental, and physical health.

Why Are Numbers Important to Church Leaders?

Numbers can create tension or conflict between church leaders based on who is higher on a list. Our concentration needs to be on the positive impact of the numbers rather than if my numbers are better than others!

We Were Made for This

How your church can build on your pandemic compassion with both spiritual justice and social justice.

I’m Expecting an Awakening!

As we exit the pandemic, we have a fresh understanding of what people truly need and how to fill it with the message of Jesus.

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+ The Lookout

June 13 | House of David Shaken

Just when the house of David had reached its zenith, the situation was about to implode. In the spring, when kings go back to battle, David stayed home . . .

June 6 | House of David Established

The Jerusalem temple was just one part of God establishing his kingdom. The temple would not last forever, but what God was establishing through David’s family would be eternal.

May 30 | City of David Founded

David’s reign would be centralized in Jerusalem and the presence of God would be located there as in no other city.

May 23 | Kingly Character: Mercy and Humility

Even though Saul had compromised his kingship, David still had respect for the office.

May 16 | Kingly Character: Courage and Heart

David vs. Goliath is more than a story about the underdog winning.

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