“And the Award Goes to . . . ”

By Kent Fillinger and Ben Simms

The CEO Award
(The church with the greatest percentage attendance increase for Christmas and Easter combined)
Emerging Megachurch: Mountainview Community Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO): 124% increase over average attendance
Megachurch: Crossroads Christian (Evansville, IN): 104% increase over average attendance

The Energizer Bunny Award
(The senior minister who has served in his current position the longest)
Emerging Megachurch: John Russell (37 years/started 1970)—Lakeside Christian (Lakeside Prairie, KY)
Megachurch: L.D. Campbell (35 years/started 1972)—First Church of Christ (Burlington, KY)

The “Play It Again Sam” Award
(The church with the most weekly worship services)
Emerging Megachurch: Tomoka Christian (Ormond Beach, FL): 7 services
Megachurch: Community Christian (Naperville, IL): 28 services

The Starbucks Award
(The church with a multisite location on every corner . . . or maybe it just seems that way)
Emerging Megachurch: New Life Christian (Chantilly, VA): 3 locations and more to come
Megachurch: Community Christian (Naperville, IL): 8 locations and counting

The Baptisms Per Buck (BPB) Award
(The church that spent the least amount of money per baptism based on general fund giving)
Emerging Megachurch: Southpoint Community Christian (Trenton, MI): $6,870 per baptism
Megachurch: Abundant Life Church (Happy Valley, OR): $6,785 per baptism

The Frequent Flyer Award
(The church taking the highest percentage of people on a mission trip)
Emerging Megachurch: Chapel Rock Christian (Indianapolis, IN): 257 participants (21.1% of average worship attendance)
Megachurch: Pantano Christian (Tucson, AZ): 473 participants (21.2% of average worship attendance)

The Green Thumb Award
(The church that partnered to plant the most new churches)
Emerging Megachurch: New Life Christian (Chantilly, VA): 10 churches planted
Megachurch: Southeast Christian (Louisville, KY): 7 churches planted

The Deep Pockets Award
(The church with highest per person weekly giving average based on general fund offerings only)
Emerging Megachurch: First Colony Church of Christ (Sugar Land, TX): $55.91 per person weekly
Megachurch: First Christian (Huntington Beach, CA): $56.53 per person weekly
Overall average: $26.84 per person per week

The Field of Beans Award
(The most popular internal business operation)
Overall: Coffee Shop, Café or Food Court
• Overall, half of the churches operate one
• 24 emerging megachurches (39 percent)
• 32 megachurches (62 percent)

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