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By Mark A. Taylor

Many readers will want to share the baptism articles in this and last week’s issue. So we’ve colllected them in a single, convenient downloadable resource to meet that need–and we’re offering it at a special introductory rate.

This is just another in a series of helpful resources we’ve made available in this format. You  may remember the others:

A Conversation with Skeptics. Jeff Vines helps anyone who has wondered how God can allow evil, pain, and Hell. Item number 02970. 6 pages. $2.99

Ordination. Three articles help churches decide who should be ordained, why, and how churches should view and hold accountable those they have ordained. Item number 02971. 6 pages. $2.99.

Considering Calvinism. Jack Cottrell examines the essence and errors of Calvinism. Item number 02972. 10 pages. $4.99.

All these resources are available at Standard Publishing’s Web site,




New! A Downloadable Resource About Baptism

Now you can have the helpful discussions of baptism from this and last week’s issues in one convenient resource. Order “Baptism” (Item number 02973) from the Standard Publishing Web site to download the following compilation in one handy piece (and at a special introductory rate). It contains all the following:

“Remember Your Baptism” by Bruce E. Shields. “Baptism puts us into such a close relationship with Christ that it’s like being a part of him.” What does this mean for the person contemplating baptism, or for the Christian baptized long ago?

“What Baptism Requests” by Jon Weatherly. Contemporary scholars from several traditions agree: “In its biblical setting, baptism belonged in the context of conversion. Early Christians understood that a person should be baptized when becoming a Christian, not before or after.”

“What Happened When I Preached on Baptism” by Brian Jones. Some potential members left, but since then the church has baptized many hundreds.

“Christian Standard Interview: Joe Grana” by Brad Dupray. This church ministry professor speaks about water regeneration, the New Testament model, and the historical and contemporary practice of baptism in Christian churches.

“Understanding Four Views of Baptism” by Mark Krause. The historic Christian church position on baptism was one of four considered in Understanding Four Views on Baptism published by Zondervan. Krause reviews the positions and the book.

Your purchase of this downloadable resource grants you permission to make 10 copies. Many churches will want to keep multiple copies to help in their teaching and outreach ministries.

Baptism”; Item number 02973;  $2.99 for the digital download (special introductory rate)

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