TCMII Reaches Merger Agreement

Last week, Training Christians for Ministry International Institute (TCMII) and the European Evangelistic Society (EES) announced a merger agreement. EES will become a wholly owned subsidiary of TCMII.

For nearly 60 years the EES has been a witness to the gospel at Tübingen University in Germany. The organization has also helped sponsor a colloquium for international doctoral students. TCMI has ministered to believers throughout Eastern Europe and Russia for more than 50 years and established the institute in 1991 after the collapse of the USSR. Today TCMII enrolls more than 800 students from 28 countries and provides leadership development and supervision from the certificate to the doctoral level.

The two organizations share a vision to develop leaders from Europe and Central Asia. “Our prayer is that by joining forces we shall prove to better stewards of resources and more effective workers for God’s kingdom across the continent of Europe and beyond,” they write.

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