Ten Ways You Can Strengthen Campus Ministry

By Mark A. Taylor

Every year we publish a directory of campus ministries like the one in this issue. Every year we include stories of dynamic, life-changing influence provided by these ministries. And every year I learn something new about outreach to young people forgotten or ignored by too many local churches.

Obviously, many Christian churches and churches of Christ care about taking Christ to college students. Could we do more? Look at my list, and decide for yourself.

1. Choose a ministry. From our directory, find a campus ministry either (a) close to your local church, (b) on the campus where you attended college, or (c) at a college a student you know is attending. Contact the campus minister and ask to be added to the ministry’s mailing list.

2. Publicize the ministry. If you’re on a local church staff, find a way to tell your church members about this campus ministry. I’m guessing too many of them don’t know it exists.

3. Pray for the ministry. Look at the ministry’s calendar, staff changes, and list of Bible studies and service projects. Share these with your church’s prayer ministry, or just make a list to put in your Bible. Ask God to use the ministry in mighty ways.

4. Give a gift. All these ministries are supported by gifts. Even a small amount every month will keep them going. Maybe this would make a good project for your small group or Bible class.

5. Invite a speaker. The campus minister would be glad to present his work to your church or your missions committee or your group. Stories of changed lives and worldwide influence would make a great addition to a missions Sunday, men’s breakfast, or women’s program.

6. Visit the ministry. Take prospective college students to the campus and introduce them to leaders from the ministry. You might want to do this with several different ministries; include visits to campus ministries on a Christian college tour with high school students.

7. Form a work team. Painting, building, plumbing, repair—these are as needed at some campus houses as they are at foreign missions.

8. Host a dinner. Invite students reached by the campus ministry to a Sunday lunch or Saturday-night party at your church.

9. Adopt a student. Many young adults, especially those from foreign countries, welcome a relationship with families in the town where they’re studying.

10. Tell us their story. We’ll be publishing a directory like this again next year. Tell us about the campus ministry in your area, and maybe we can share their story with all our readers.

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  1. L.V. Spencer
    August 22, 2012 at 7:37 am

    Thanks for this information. I wish there was a campus ministry in the Houston, Texas area we could support.

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