12 June, 2021

Stadia, MOHI Partnering to Plant Churches, Reach Kids (Plus News Briefs)

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Stadia Church Planting and Missions of Hope International (MOHI) have announced a partnership designed to integrate church planting, education, and child sponsorship into a unified strategy with the goal of ultimately planting 100 churches, building 100 schools, and sponsoring 100,000 children by 2030.

“This new model not only provides transformation for individuals and their communities, but also provides exciting engagement opportunities for U.S. churches,” said Brent Foulke, Stadia’s vice president of global church planting.

Stadia started in 2003, and after a few years (in 2010), it adopted a more global vision that has emphasized the importance of planting churches to reach children.

MOHI is a leader in holistic ministry and is dedicated to serving children and families in disadvantaged communities throughout Kenya and beyond. Since its inception in 2000, MOHI—driven by the mission to transform lives through the hope of Jesus Christ—has built more than 25 schools, impacted thousands of families, and changed the lives of more than 30,000 children.

Stadia writes, “MOHI has a long history of focusing on children and actively working to ensure that every community has a church. This approach harmonizes with Stadia’s mission to intentionally reach the next generation of believers and ensure that every child has a church.”

After much prayer, MOHI recently decided to enhance their holistic ministry model by intentionally establishing a church with every school the organization opens. The partnership with Stadia will help to achieve that goal.

“Churches and individuals across America are invited to participate in this new model,” Stadia writes. Learn more at Stadia’s website.

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News Briefs

Great Lakes Christian College in Lansing, Mich., is planning a free retreat for ministers called “BOOST.”

“We want to give a ‘BOOST’ to those who have committed their lives to ministry in the local church,” GLCC writes at their website. “We are planning on a restful, safe, and inspirational three days.” The event will begin at 10 a.m. Monday, July 19, and conclude at noon Wednesday, July 21.

There is no registration fee. Participants can even stay in a dorm room for free (but bring your own bedding). Local hotels are also an option.

GLCC president Larry Carter will speak both nights; there also will be workshops and plenty of recreational options. Learn more at www.glcc.edu.

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The 169th Oregon Christian Convention is slated for June 22-27 at the historic OCC grounds in Turner, Ore. The theme is “A Good Endurance” and evening speakers will include Troy Dean of Bushnell University, Gary Selby of Emmanuel Christian Seminary at Milligan University, Kip Lines of CMF International, Russell Clum with Church of the City in Portland, and Seth King with Imago Dei in Portland. Learn more and register at OCC’s website.

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Kentucky Christian University is accepting reservations for a Cane Ridge tour and Communion service it has planned for Aug. 7. Registration and check-in will begin at 8 a.m. that day at the KCU campus in Grayson. KCU will provide transportation to Cane Ridge, as well as lunch. Among the leaders who will participate in the event are historian Douglas Foster and ministers Jerry Harris and Bob Russell. This is the 220th anniversary of the Cane Ridge Revival, one of the most important events in the history of the Restoration Movement.

Tickets cost $35 and are available at kcu.edu/caneridge. For more information, go to the website or contact Megan Rawlings at [email protected], (606) 474-3298 or (606) 474-3258.

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On his 100th birthday, Harold Sears, a U.S. Navy aviation veteran who logged 1,200 hours of flight time during World War II, was treated to a drive-by parade that featured VFW riders, the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, and Veteran Affairs staff members, WIBW.com reported.

“You can always count on Harold to wear his Sunday best, a welcoming smile and a heart ready for worship,” Town and Country Christian Church, Topeka, Kan., wrote on Facebook. “We are grateful for his many years of faithful service at TC3.”

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Christian pilgrims traveling with Educational Opportunities Tours have been touring countries around the world throughout the spring, and in just the past week two groups have arrived in Israel to start long-awaited Holy Land journeys. A very limited number of groups are being allowed into Israel during this pilot period as the country prepares to fully open to all visitors later this summer. Another EO group recently started a journey through Greece, while earlier groups have gone to Egypt, Turkey, and elsewhere.

International travel now means following the health and safety protocols set by each country. This has added some steps to the travel process, says Educational Opportunities CEO James Ridgway, but it has not deterred travelers. “We are excited to be traveling again and serving our guests on their journeys.”

Ridgway says EO looks forward to serving thousands of registered travelers on Christian journeys planned for the remainder of 2021. A full schedule of journeys for 2022 are available today at www.eo.travel.

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The gymnasium at Licking (Mo.) Christian Church will be the site of a 3-on-3 basketball tournament June 26 that will raise funds for the Licking Cemetery located next door. The event is being planned by the Licking Cemetery Association, the Licking News reported. Increased funding is needed to help maintain the cemetery, which is neither city-owned nor affiliated with the church, though LCC minister Rick Mosher serves on the LCA board.

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In a post about “Organization Structure” at the Executive Pastor Online website, Kevin Stone wrote: “People are funny. If you put them in an ambiguous situation, the outcome will be exactly that . . . ambiguous. I’m a firm believer in two fundamentals when it comes to leadership and building a great team. First, each team member should have only one boss. And, second, each team member should have a job description and a sense of how they fit in the overall scheme of things.” Click here to read the entire post.

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Rick Warren announced Sunday he plans to step down as pastor of Saddleback Church, the Southern California church he founded in 1980. The 67-year-old best-selling author of The Purpose Driven Life said the search for a new pastor will begin within a week. When the new lead pastor is in place, Warren plans to transition to the role of founding pastor, according to Christianity Today.

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Hobby Lobby has sued an Oxford University professor over the alleged sale of stolen papyri about 10 years ago. The Oklahoma-based craft store chain purchased the papyri which contained gospel writings with plans to add them to the collection at Museum of the Bible, which opened in New York City in 2017. The federal lawsuit seeks more than $7 million the chain spent to purchase 32 gospel fragments from Dirk Obbink who, in addition to being a classics professor, authenticated artifacts for collectors and occasionally acted as a go-between for buyers and sellers, Christianity Today reported. In all, Obbink allegedly stole 120 fragments from the Egyptian Exploration Society’s collection of ancient artifacts held at the Sackler Classics Library at Oxford.

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