29 November, 2022

October 9 | Discovery

by | 3 October, 2022

By Micah Odor

1. How do you tend to listen to music? Radio, CDs, streaming services?

2. Think about the music you’ve listened to this week, and ignore musical styles or genres for a moment. What types of emotions are typically expressed in the music you hear?

We’re going to treat today’s passage as one continuous text. Ask one person to read aloud Psalms 42–43 (or split the reading between two people). Then, as a group, quickly restate the highlights of the passage.

3. Imagine seeing this song in a hymnal or on a screen. What is the chorus? What are the verses?

4. What are some of the most powerful lines that express positive emotion?

• What are the most powerful lines that express negative emotion?

5. What does the singer want?

6. In his “Application” for this week’s lesson, David Faust said, “Choose to be faithful while your emotions catch up.” What’s one area of life where you are waiting (or need to wait) for your emotions to catch up?

7. What do you learn about God from this passage?

8. What do you learn about humanity?

9. This week, how will you obey what you’ve studied in Scripture?

10. Based on our study and discussion, complete the sentence: “This week, I will . . .”

For Next Week: Read and reflect on Psalm 51. You can also read next week’s supplemental texts as well as the Study and Application sections as part of your personal study.

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