7 February, 2023

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Booker T. Washington a ‘Campbellist’? (1897)

by | 12 January, 2023

For three consecutive Thursdays we will run shorter pieces that appeared in issues of Christian Standard during the 1800s. This one-paragraph item was printed on the third page of the editorial section after three much-longer editorials. It carried no headline, but likely was written by James A. Lord, the editor of the time. 

_ _ _ 

BOOKER T. WASHINGTON (courtesy of the Library of Congress)

Dec. 11, 1897; p. 18 

Because the STANDARD has commended the work of Booker T. Washington a Presbyterian exchange from Michigan concludes that the eminent colored educator is a “Campbellist.” And this imaginary fact is made use of to prejudice its own constituency against giving to the noble work done at Tuskegee. We commend to our suspicious friend that charity which thinketh no evil. We are glad to give assurance that Mr. Washington is not a “Campbellist.” We would be glad to say that he is simply a Christian. We believe he is a Christian, but are sorry that he is not a Christian only. Our information is that he is a member of the Baptist Church. Will not our Presbyterian brother join us in asking support for the work of this man, who, while a Baptist, as our friend is a Presbyterian, is doing the will of our common Lord in rescuing some of his own race, our own fellow men, from ignorance and sin. 


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