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By Mark A. Taylor

This information isn’t available anywhere else.

That was the comment one reader made about the expanded Christian college issue CHRISTIAN STANDARD published March 16.

The same is true for this week’s issue. Hidden on the computer hard drives of several campus ministers, the directory we publish annually tells our thousands of readers about these ministries.

Keep this issue or send it to college-age students you know. Or find the directory at our Web site and bookmark it for future reference. Hundreds of Christian students on secular campuses across the country are making life-changing commitments to God because these ministries are at work. More youth ministers and families need to know about them.

This is only one example of information from CHRISTIAN STANDARD you won’t find from any other source. Let us remind you about a few others, all available at www.standardpub.com (just click on any of the titles below to go directly to that product’s page):

A Conversation With SkepticsEasy-to-understand and compelling help for ages-old, troubling questions: Why is there evil? Why do people suffer? Why does God allow anyone to go to Hell? Three popular articles by Jeff Vines originally appeared in our pages.

Item 02970

$2.99 for the digital download


OrdinationWhy ordination is practical and important. How do we assess the person who wants to be ordained? What should ordination mean for a lifetime?

Item 02971

$2.99 for the digital download 


Considering CalvinismProfessor Jack W. Cottrell examines the essence and errors of Calvinism in this 10-page resource that originally appeared as a four-part series in CHRISTIAN STANDARD.

Item 02972

$4.99 for the digital download


What Kind of Church Is This?Hundreds of thousands of this popular 8-page magazine have been used by congregations to explain the Restoration ideal to newcomers. Colorful and easy to read.

Item 13266

$20.00 for 100 copies

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