More Than One Way to Use a Magazine

By Mark A. Taylor

Since 2003 we have recruited a group of contributing editors to help us make this magazine all it can be. One way we hear from them is at a brief retreat each January. The group gathers to brainstorm ideas for the magazine, not only what it should contain but how it can influence our whole family of churches.

Of course, we can’t lead where we aren’t read, and our contributing editors have ideas for making that happen too.

Randy Gariss, for example, reported that his congregation buys CHRISTIAN STANDARD for every elder, deacon, and staff member. Each week’s issue is distributed to their mail slots in the church building.

“They squawk,” he said, “if there’s some problem and they don’t get them one week!”

Becky Ahlberg told about two small groups from her church whose sole curriculum is CHRISTIAN STANDARD. The opening question each week is, “What jumped off the page to you in this week’s issue?”

She waxed eloquent about the provocative discussions that have been stimulated simply by content in the magazine. Not long before our retreat, she was talking about these groups with two ministers from another congregation.

After hearing her idea, one of them said, “We ought to do that with our elders, instead of trying to find books to read and discuss!”

Certainly one or all three of these ideas would work in many congregations. What about yours?

• Is every leader at your church receiving a copy of CHRISTIAN STANDARD every week?

• Which of your small groups would find stimulus for their meetings in our issues?

• How about a plan to discuss content from CHRISTIAN STANDARD at a monthly elders meeting?

We’ve made it easier for you to get all the copies of CHRISTIAN STANDARD you need. Just return one of the perforated business reply cards in the center of this issue. And remember, we’re glad to hear creative ways you’re using the magazine where you are.






Our annual megachurch issue is coming in two weeks. It promises to be one of the best ever! Like always, we’ll give you up-to-date lists of megachurches and emerging megachurches in our fellowship of churches. We’ll report a slew of numbers about their attendance and other aspects of their ministries. And we’ll help you see what those numbers mean. Most important, we’ll highlight trends and issues that affect churches of every size.

Remember this is one of four special double issues this year that will serve you for two weeks. This issue will carry a cover date of April 19/26. After you’ve had some extra time to digest everything it contains, our next regular issue will come your way May 3.

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