Meeting the Needs by Providing the Wants

By Mark A. Taylor

What people need and what they want are not necessarily the same.

For example, children need their vegetables, but they don’t always want to eat them. Creative moms find ways to combine good food in dishes that taste good too.

Church leaders do this too. People want practical help for everyday problems. They need instruction from God’s Word and the advice of experienced Christians.

One way to provide both is by giving them CHRISTIAN STANDARD and our sister publication, The Lookout.

For example, we saw the Sunday-morning bulletin from a small Christian church in Tennessee. The minister wrote two paragraphs telling church members about highlights of that week’s edition of The Lookout and Christian Standard.

His teasers pointed out how the articles provided information and encouragement church members want. (He didn’t mention how these features also give Christians what they need.)

He seemed to realize we are bombarded by media messages, most of them secular, some of them downright evil. To combat that demonic drip, drip, drip, his church is providing challenging articles and critical thinking with Christian solutions and biblical points of view. Where else will Christians get this kind of weekly input, especially from some of the best thinkers and writers in Christian churches?

For many, The Lookout and CHRISTIAN STANDARD are the only Christian reading they do. They need it. And the nice thing is this: after they receive it awhile, they really want it too!

You can meet their need for biblical perspectives by taking advantage of the special offers available at and

SOMETHING WE BOTH WANT AND NEED at CHRISTIAN STANDARD is constructive criticism. One way we receive input and ideas is by listening to our team of contributing editors.

As we’ve mentioned before, this is a rotating committee, and today we announce a new rotation. Jim Tune, director of Impact Canada, a church planting mission based in suburban Toronto, Ontario, has joined our group of contributing editors. His name will be familiar to many, both because of the articles he has written for us and for the dynamic ministry he is leading.

Meanwhile, we say good-bye to Jon Weece, senior minister with Southland Christian Church, Lexington, Kentucky. Unfortunately, the growing press of Jon’s duties has forced him to cut back on some commitments, but he’s promised to keep praying for us, as he has since he became a contributing editor.

And prayer is something else we both want and need!

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