Common Ground and a Common Goal

By John Derry

What would it take for 30 colleges and universities ranging in size from less than 100 to more than 1,000 students, from various regions of the country, and each with unique strengths, to collaborate on a project?

The institutions would need to find common ground on which they could come together in a spirit of unity, joining forces to achieve something they could not do alone. The Matthew 9:38 Just One Challenge provides this common ground. It resonates with the leadership of all schools in our fellowship, because without exception they share a common mission of equipping laborers for service in the kingdom of God.

Alumni will always feel loyalty toward the school they attended. Good-natured rivalry between the schools won’t go away. But we all serve the same Lord and are part of one body. While the names on the backs of our jerseys are different, the name on the front is the same. We are all on the same team.

The spirit of cooperation and mutual support among our schools is encouraging, and the leaders of those colleges and universities recognize the urgency of providing the best education possible to the men and women who will be instrumental in communicating the gospel message to the next generation all around the world.

John Derry is president of Hope International University in Fullerton, California.

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