Container Transformed into Command Center

By Jennifer Taylor

In a few weeks Christian Missionary Fellowship plans to stock a shipping container with materials to support its work in Kenya, but in the meantime FAME is storing this container at its site in Indianapolis where it will serve as the hub for a “40 Day/24 Hour Social Media Challenge.”

In our June 27 issue, we shared news about the KORE Foundation and its work providing resources and vocational training as sustainable alternatives to poverty for the chronically poor in other countries. One of the ministry’s “kore” projects is recycling metal shipping containers entering the Jacksonville, Florida, ports and stocking them with supplies so recipients can begin welding, sewing, or farming businesses.

Later this year, KORE will send a stocked crate to the Christian Missionary Fellowship work in Kenya. But before the container makes the voyage, it’s helping another ministry here in the States—and it’s been housing people for the last month.

Since September, FAME has stored the crate on its property in Indianapolis. Beginning October 1, teams of three or four volunteers have been locked in the crate for 24-hour shifts to raise money for FAME. Each team was challenged to raise at least $1,000 during their 24-hour stay by using Facebook, Twitter, blogs, texting, phone calls, Skype, digital photos, and video. The teams received a new fund-raising challenge each hour.

“We’ll have 40 teams in 40 days,” says Shane Whybrew, director of development at FAME. “We hope this Social Media Challenge will raise more than $40,000 for some amazing projects around the globe.”

FAME will use the money to purchase an ambulance for a mission in India, renovate an outpatient clinic in Haiti, send medical supplies to Honduras, and provide scholarships for students in Ghana.

The last volunteer team will leave the crate on November 9—just in time for KORE to display the container at the National Missionary Convention in Lexington.


Jennifer Taylor, one of Christian Standard’s contributing editors, lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Read her blog at www.

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