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Churches Participate in “˜Just One Sunday”

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By Jennifer Taylor

Churches around the country have participated in Just One Sunday,” a challenge from Christian college and university presidents to pray for “just one” person who might become a vocational kingdom worker and to make Matthew 9:38 a special prayer emphasis during worship services.

Parkway Christian Church (Surprise, AZ) created a “Just One Challenge” card for each child at the church, from newborns to high school students. During the service, PCC members each selected a card and committed to pray for that young person at least once a day.

David Doty, senior minister at Woodland Hills Church of Christ (Runnells, IA) preached on the Matthew 9 passage and spoke specifically to three groups: those 24 and younger, those 25 to 65 years old, and those older than 65. He shared his prayer that “just one” would make a commitment to ministry and asked people to stand if they were ready to accept the challenge. Twelve people (seven teens and five adults) out of the 183 in attendance stood up and said yes! One of the adults said, “This is the first time anyone has ever challenged me to do something with the calling I received years ago.”


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