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Visioneering Studios Opening Two New Studios

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Visioneering Studios Architecture, a niche firm focused on “designing destinations that lift the spirit” and the 2008-09 Solomon Award winner for “Best Church Architect,” is opening two new design studios this month. The two new Visioneering Studios are located in Chicago, IL, and Charlotte, NC, and complement Visioneering Studios located in Los Angeles, Denver, and Atlanta.

Randall Coy, previously director of planning and design for General Growth Properties, will lead Visioneering Studios-Central in Chicago as regional director. David Dial, previously president and chief steward for Living Stones Architecture, will lead Visioneering Studios-East in Charlotte. Dial has designed more than 120 church facilities in addition to many mixed-use, hospital, and urban planning projects. He previously collaborated with Visioneering Studios on the award-winning Elevation Church project in Charlotte, which won both “Best Church Architect” and “Best Church Design: Renovation Project, 800 to 2,000 seats.”

Visioneering”s other current projects include Northeast Christian Church (Louisville, KY); Saddleback Church (Orange County, CA); National Community Church (Washington, D.C.); and Parkview Christian Church (Chicago, IL).

Visioneering”s unique philosophy of “architectural evangelism””” designing integrated “live, worship, play” environments””has led to its steady growth and current expansion.

More information about Visioneering Studios is available at www.visioneeringstudios.com.


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