Ways to Help the People of Japan

By Jennifer Taylor

Several Christian ministries are offering ways to support the people of Japan in the wake of last week’s earthquake and tsunami, and the resulting nuclear uncertainties and concerns. Here are a few opportunities that we are aware of:

International Disaster Emergency Service is still helping residents of Haiti and New Zealand recover from the recent earthquakes there; the ministry is also accepting donations for the many hurting and homeless people devastated by last week’s earthquake and tsunami in Japan. IDES is in contact with many of the missionaries in the country and is sending funds to as many as possible. Click here to donate online, or mail a check to IDES, P.O. Box 60, Kempton, IN 46049.

Say Yes to Japan also maintains a list of Japanese missionaries and mission agencies–read more here.

“It has been a trying and sad time in so many ways: whole towns are gone, thousands upon thousands are without homes and businesses,” write missionaries Chad and Jennifer Huddleston. “The news coverage, especially as people’s personal videos begin to hit the channels, is simply horrific. And the unknown factor of a nuclear meltdown in the same area looms over it all. But we know that our God is good and that his desire is to turn this situation around so that many will find peace and comfort and he will be glorified. This is the time for the Christians in Japan (as few as they are . . . less than 1 percent) to unite, rise up, and be the light. . . . Many have asked how they can help. Pray! Pray! Pray! We need people praying. A spirit of fear or defeat [cannot] be allowed to win out in the hearts and minds of the people and especially the Christians. Pray for greater faith and for greater love (that drives out all fear) to overwhelm us all. Pray for those suffering that they may find healing and peace. Pray for protection from further tsunami, aftershocks, and nuclear disaster. Pray for us as we do our best to help.”

The Huddlestons are also able to receive donations for relief supplies and immediate help for victims; to give, send a check–with a note indicating the money is for earthquake relief–to Team Expansion, 6200 S. Old Village Road, Columbia, MO 65203.

Mustard Seed Global Fellowship is a Christian church organization devoted to Japanese church planting, and is another opportunity to give to the earthquake and tsunami victims. Click here to learn more about MSGF and watch a video message about how it is helping during this time.

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