Author Spending Time in Joplin

Dave Pelzer, author of A Child Called “It”: One Child’s Courage to Survive, has been spending time in Joplin, MO, working with foster families and helping with recovery work. According to an article in the Examiner of Independence, MO, Pelzer has been volunteering at College Heights Christian Church and offering his counseling services.

Pelzer complimented College Heights for the “military precision” of its donation center.

“People check in at one end, and within an hour, they leave at the other, loaded with nonperishable food, medical and hygiene supplies, baby needs and more,” the article says. “Sometimes the turnaround time is even less.”

Pelzer cleared his schedule and used personal time to help with the volunteer work.

“This really energizes me,” he said. “What a blessing this is for me. If I lived in this community, I would be a member of this church.”

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