Their Guide, and Yours

By Mark A. Taylor


Haven’t you been enjoying our 2011 Bible feature “The Bible, My Guide”? Many of the entries, although by known writers, share details about their lives or conversions or spiritual practices new to many of us.

We can’t list every one of them here, but as I reflect on the columns we’ve printed so far, several stand out in my memory:


Nancy Karpenske

Janet McMahon

Pat Magness

Doug Lucas

Chris Travis

Tony Twist

Diane Stortz

Brandon Smith

Kay Moll

Michael Sweeney

Wayne Shaw


If you missed any of these, you’ll do yourself a favor to look for them—in past issues, or search by their names at our website. (At the bottom of each web post, you find subject headings—“tags” in web parlance. Click on one of these, and you’ll be taken to a page listing most of the “Bible/Guide” columns posted so far this year.)

Many of these writers speak of their daily devotional habit and their regular times with God’s Word. As we’ve observed this “year of the Bible” in our 2011 issues, one of our purposes was to demonstrate practical ways God’s Word can change and sustain a life. That’s exactly the testimony of these columnists.


Now we’re coming to you with a question about the Bible reading plan you follow. We want to publish a list of options and ideas in an issue late this year. And we suspect that some of the best ideas will come from our readers themselves.

So we’re asking: What daily Bible reading plan has worked for you? Where is it published—or is it published at all? Is your use of your plan an individual pursuit, or do you follow the plan with a family member or your small group?

What about your church? Does your congregation create a Bible reading plan or promote and distribute a plan from another source?

Please jot us a couple of lines to tell us your answers to any of these questions. We’ll compile your ideas with a few of our own and share them before the new year begins.

Send your note to our mailing address on this page. Better yet, e-mail us at Be sure to include your name and a way we can contact you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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