Equipping Volunteer Leaders

By Jennifer Taylor

Churches around the country struggle with the wonderful problem of how to expand their work by involving enthusiastic new leaders—people who may have limited Bible knowledge or ministry experience.

The Crossing (Quincy, IL) created its Ministry Development Institute in 2009 to equip and encourage these volunteer leaders. The 18-month course of study provides in-depth biblical teaching and training in ministry skills. Classes include Old and New Testament surveys, the book of Acts, biblical interpretation, worldview and spiritual formation, practical ministry, and more. The institute posts syllabi and reading lists for each course on its website, and the students enrolled in each class are also required to participate in online discussions. Many of the classes involve study of both printed textbooks and video lessons. Each six-week course requires a small registration fee.

Students may also choose “MDI Lite” to opt out of the formal program while still accessing the program’s collection of resources.





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