Save Some Quarters, Ship Some Supplies

By Jennifer Taylor

Lifeline Christian Mission (Westerville, OH) is making it easy for families, churches, youth groups, and businesses to give healthy food to people around the world.

Lifeline is able to send a pound of supplies for 25 cents, so it is encouraging groups to donate quarters with its “Quarter Back Challenge.”

To participate, groups order Challenge Kits filled with mini-tubes of candy, labels, ribbon, and instructions. Each group sells the candy, fills the empty tubes with quarters, and mails a check for the total to Lifeline. Fifty-six quarters—$14—fit in a tube.

Lifeline began the program as a way to finance the shipment of 240,000 pounds of donated food and supplies at its shipping warehouse. “With each 40,000 quarters, or $10,000, collected, we can ship a 40,000-pound container of ministry supplies to Haiti,” the ministry shares.

Lifeline has extended the challenge until the 2012 Super Bowl, creating an easy and fun way to tie in a ministry initiative with the big Sunday. Learn more at

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