Sherman Interviews President Bush

By Jennifer Taylor

Drew Sherman (left) and former President Bush at the Real Choices Pregnancy Center Banquet. (Photo ©Kelly Blankenship)


After former President George W. Bush spoke at the Real Choices Pregnancy Center Banquet Nov. 17 at the Irving (TX) Convention Center, he sat down for an onstage interview with Drew Sherman, lead pastor of Compass Christian Church (Colleyville, TX).

The candid conversation covered such topics as the presidential experience, post-presidency life, 9/11, faith, and much more. There were serious and somber moments, but also many instances when the former president showed off his good humor. Thousands of people attended the banquet to benefit Real Choices.

Sherman asked Bush about the day of the 9/11 attacks.

“My first response was, ‘Who would do this?’” Bush said. “Then I gazed at the innocence of the children in the room [at Booker Elementary School, Sarasota, FL] and it contrasted with the evil that was taking place in our world. In my world, the first plane was an accident, the second was an attack, and the third was a declaration of war.”

At Sherman’s prompting, Bush shared this leadership advice: “Something on leadership you must know is that you don’t have to have all the answers. Just be willing to surround yourself with people who do!”

Bush also told Sherman that he valued the prayers of everyone while he served in the nation’s highest office—“This is what got me through the presidency!”

Sherman said he was impressed with the former president, who helped set him at ease by making eye contact and offering a quick wink before the interview started.

“President Bush was as authentic a person as I have ever met. He was extremely personal and had a genuine interest in the mission we were trying to promote,” Sherman said. “Afterward he told me it was one of the most enjoyable interviews he had ever had. Perhaps he tells everyone that, but it was encouraging to me!”

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