40 Under 40: Caleb Kaltenbach

07_40_Kaltenbach6-mhCALEB KALTENBACH
Dallas, Texas

Caleb Kaltenbach shares attributes with many of his fine young peers from across the country: strong preaching and teaching skills, motivational leadership, focused energy, and gentle humility.

As to his unique influence, I believe there are two items.

First, Caleb has a distinctive and well-thought-out philosophy for biblical education and ministry preparation. He has made a strong commitment to living this out through teaching ministry courses to college students and making use of ministry interns a high priority. As a board member for Dallas Christian College, he brings a high level of constructive engagement relating to the spiritual and professional formation of ministry students.

Second, Caleb has embraced the changing demographics in America’s suburbs around the country. He is leading the way in showing how this diversity can be incorporated into the life of a suburban church that has been primarily Caucasian for all of its history. This path will be the new “normal” in the decades ahead.

Dusty Rubeck, president, Dallas (Texas) Christian College

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