18 September, 2021

40 Under 40: Genilyn McCaffrey


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07_40_McCraffey-mhGENILYN McCAFFREY
Professor of worship ministry, 
Manhattan Christian College, 
Manhattan, Kansas

I can remember sitting in Genilyn”s interview for the worship faculty position at Manhattan Christian College. I asked what she wanted to be known for in the years ahead. Her answer was very clear and concise, “I want my students to be known as theologians, pastors, and artists; and in that order.” She continued, “Too often we find someone who is good artistically, and cut them loose to lead worship. As a result, the depth of the overall quality of worship is lacking, and I want the students I send out to lead people to the throne of God. To do that, they must be all three””a theologian with a strong biblical understanding, a pastor knowing their important role on the staff, and a quality artist.”

With that focus, Genilyn is developing worship leaders who do more than just lead music. They also work hard at making sure the entire service reflects the greatness of God. The evidence is found in our weekly chapel services and in churches where her students are leading. Her impact will be felt in the years ahead and for many years to come as she continues to passionately prepare worship leaders to impact our world for Christ.

“”Kevin Ingram, president, Manhattan (Kansas) Christian College

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  1. Nathan

    If there is a breakout star waiting in the wings for Christian worship, Genilyn is it! She follows through with her philosophy and she’s a great muscisan and vocalist. MCC has a real gem on its hands with her on the faculty! Prospective worship leaders take note- don’t miss her classes!

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