40 Under 40: Greg Lee

07_40_Lee3-mhGREG LEE
Lead pastor, 
Suncrest Christian, 
St. John, Indiana

Having been privileged to know and serve side-by-side with Greg from his senior year at Lincoln Christian University through 2005, I feel I know this leading servant, and I certainly value highly his many contributions to the kingdom of God. A Christian leader and lover of his family—exemplary. A son and father who invests generously in his family and keeps his priorities balanced and guardrails in place—yes. A man of consistent, godly character—solid as a rock. A pastor characterized by patience and incarnated compassion—totally. A colleague who respects his leaders and peers as well as followers—without compromise. A mentoree who demonstrates a teachable spirit and posture of constant learning—to an inspirational extent. A visionary servant whose collaborative spirit models teamwork for his staff and ministry leaders—with excellence. A friend whose steady love is more priceless than precious jewels—trust me, I know. A catalyst of Great Commission impact in the backyard of the congregation he leads as well as globally where Christ is not known—with passion.

When I think of a servant leader who in the name of Christ is making an exceptional, pace-setting difference, I think first and foremost of Greg Lee.

John Wasem, mobilization associate, Stadia

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