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40 Under 40: Phil Tatum


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Director of Globalscope,
CMF International

In the past 12 years, 135 college graduates have signed up to serve with Globalscope, CMF International”s campus ministry division. This number includes Phil Tatum, a Georgia Tech graduate who served with his wife, Merran, on the first team to Chile from 2002-06, and now serves as the director of Globalscope. Phil plays a key role in advancing the kingdom of God through ministries on prestigious campuses in Mexico, Chile, Thailand, Spain, England, Germany, and Scotland, with Uruguay and Indonesia in the pipeline. 

He challenges students from colleges and universities throughout the U.S. to consider international campus ministry, and many are inspired to commit to it. He works with these students as they connect with potential donors and church partners. When these young ministers arrive on the field, Phil is in regular contact with them and their team leaders to offer counsel and encouragement.

During Phil”s tenure, all of the campus ministries have become involved in ongoing transformational projects that benefit their communities. The campus ministers” involvement in Globalscope doesn”t stop when they move on to new jobs or fields of service, either. Nearly every alumnus of the program is a financial partner with CMF, a testimony to Phil”s leadership and their confidence in the ministry.

“”Doug Priest, executive director of CMF International

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