Must-Haves for the Missions-Minded

By Mark A. Taylor

Several resources remind me of Standard Publishing’s commitment to missions and a host of special opportunities for missions-minded visitors to this website.

11_Eddy_JNThe first is actually a set of three books, mission trip devotions and journals by Lena Wood. Called (item 022501113) gives spiritual nourishment and assessment to older teens and adults preparing to go on a short-term missions trip. Challenged (022501213) helps the reader deal with the spiritual transformation he may experience while he’s on the mission trip. Changed (022501313) is the devotional journal to use once the traveler has returned home. How will he or she put new insights and convictions into action? This third book will help make the decisions stick.

These books have been reprinted—now in paperback and at a lower price, only $7.99 each. Many churches have decided they’re a requirement for everyone they send on a mission trip.

I’m thinking Gayla Congdon’s book, Disrupted, will fill a similar need. Its title reflects what happens to so many of us who participate in short-term missions. Our lives are never the same again. Gayla’s book, through practical tips and a year’s worth of meaningful weekly devotions, helps us respond to the pressing needs of the world around us. The book’s cover challenges readers to “translate your trip into a lifetime of missional opportunity.” I’m thinking the book could do that for any reader, those who have traveled cross-culturally and those who haven’t.

(Item number 025488112 for $14.99.)

The third product is aimed squarely at those who are staying home—at least for awhile. The Kids Serving Kids Super Simple Mission Kit is a treasure trove of resources for missions emphasis with children. It gives everything you need for six missions-themed sessions with kids: Beth Guckenberger’s Tales of the Not Forgotten; a leader’s guide with complete lesson plans and a host of adaptable ideas; a DVD with fun videos and upbeat music to use in your sessions; six large, colorful posters; and a CD with editable lesson plans, scripts, take-homes and more. It really is a tremendous value for only $49.99 (item number 025610913).

All of these products are available from your local retailer or at Missions-minded readers will want to investigate all of them!

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