News Briefs from Colorado, California, and Indiana

A ‘Community Catalyst’

LAKEWOOD, CO — A recent Denver Post article profiled Reg Cox, senior minister with Lakewood Church of Christ, and his work as a “community catalyst” who connected with two dozen church leaders, civic leaders, and others from the community to help a local elementary school.

“There really has to be a way the sacred, secular and civic can work together,” Cox says in the article. “And when we do, cities and communities can be transformed. Real problems can be solved . . . we don’t have to believe the exaggerated, negative narrative that’s spun by people that we’re different. We can work together; that’s what drives me.”

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Bible Lectures Focus on Baptism, Communion

MALIBU, CA — The 71st Annual Pepperdine Bible Lectures kicked off Tuesday with the theme “Enter the Water, Come to the Table” which explores “how baptism and Communion guide us in our understanding of gospel, discipleship, community, mission, and God’s future.”

In addition to a full schedule of lectures, worship services, and other activities, the event also included a preconference with John Ortberg, popular author and senior pastor of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church in California.

Speakers include Darryl Tippens, Patrick Mead, Chris Seidman, Jarrod Robinson, Jerry Taylor, Tyson Moore, and Josh Graves. Learn more, download the free app, and view the Bible Lectures booklet here.




Helping International Students

BLOOMINGTON, IN — On April 17, Sherwood Oaks Christian Church received the Distinguished International Service Award from Indiana University, recognizing the church for its nearly decade-long program providing furniture and household goods to new international students.

Rendy Schrader, director of student and scholar advising for the Office of International Services, said, “Church volunteers gather furniture donations throughout the year. During orientation, students are invited to sign up for this service. . . . The students ‘shop’ for one to three pieces of furniture, as well as a grocery bag full of bedding or kitchen supplies. They are fed and then returned to their rooms or apartments. Later that day, the furniture is delivered to their homes. It’s an amazing operation, very carefully orchestrated.”

The ministry served 350 international students this past year and involved more than 100 volunteers. Congratulations to senior minister Tom Ellsworth and Sherwood Oaks for this honor!



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