3 Ingredients to Get Men Engaged in the Church

08_BP_Chair_JN2David Morrow, author of Why Men Hate Going to Church, shares 10 ways to “man up” the church. Here are his top three suggestions:

1. A Manly Senior Minister: Not macho or power-hungry, but someone who projects a healthy masculinity. Men gravitate toward leaders they respect.

2. Excellence: Men will stay away from anything bad, hokey, or half-baked. The church doesn’t need to be perfect, of course, but men do seek out churches that strive for excellence in preaching, music, facilities, and programs. If you can’t do it well, it may be best not to do it at all.

3. Space: As much as possible, honor men’s space. Don’t force them to hold hands or hug.

More information is available at churchformen.com/tools/ideas-for-your-church/ten-ways-to-man-up-your-church.


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