$hort, $imple, $ignificant
David Eubanks
David Eubanks

By David Eubanks

(From our series “The Best or Worst Advice I’ve Ever Received.”)

My deceased father-in-law, Joseph Perry of Williamston, North Carolina—farmer, church elder, Sunday school teacher, and one of the finest Christian men I have ever known—gave me my wife, Margaret, and through her to me, a piece of advice that we have tried to follow in our lives, our marriage, our home, and our work. 

“Live within your income.” 

Its shortness and simplicity belies its significance. Yet disregarding it destroys marriages, limits the spread of the gospel, corrupts and stymies government for the real benefit of the people, closes churches, businesses, and educational institutions, burdens college graduates with a mountain of debt, and more, so much more. I can think of no greater need, except Jesus Christ, that our nation and its people have at the present time than heeding this maxim. Moreover, just imagine what a transformation “living within our income” would make in changed lives and the advancement of the kingdom of God if all Christians in America did it.

David Eubanks is president emeritus of Johnson University, Knoxville, Tennessee, and chief operating officer of Johnson University Florida, Kissimmee.

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