It Did All Work Out!
Cam Huxford
Cam and Sarah Huxford

By Cam Huxford

(From our series “The Best or Worst Advice I’ve Ever Received.”)

When I was in college, I had dated a girl for some time but hesitated to take the relationship to the next level and ask her to marry me. I hesitated because I had concerns about a number of subtle issues related to her spiritual intensity, attitude, and aptitude for ministry. Because she was accomplished, attractive, and we seemed to get along well, many of my friends told me I should not worry about these concerns. They said, “Everyone has doubts and concerns before they get married; marry her, it will all work out.” That was the stupidest advice I’ve ever received.

Fortunately, my Greek professor, Jim Evans, pointed me to Philippians 4: 6, 7 and encouraged me to pray about this decision until I had peace—one way or the other. If no peace came, then she was not the right one, and I should be a man of integrity, end the relationship, and pray for God to lead me to someone with whom I could eventually become “one.” 

I took that advice, waited, and prayed, and years later met the amazing, godly, beautiful woman who became my wife and partner in everything! I’m so glad I didn’t dismiss my concerns about the second-most important relationship in life.

Cam Huxford serves as senior pastor with Savannah (Georgia) Christian Church.

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