Selling Carpet and Serving the Lord
Wayne B. Smith
Wayne B. Smith

By Wayne B. Smith

(From our series “The Best or Worst Advice I’ve Ever Received.”)

I was saved at 10 years of age in a revival at the Church of Christ in Delhi, in western Cincinnati, Ohio. Two years later an elder asked if I would like to attend Northward Christian Assembly, a Christian church camp, near Williamstown, Kentucky. It was a life-changing experience. On Friday night, after a moving message at vespers, an invitation was extended for anyone willing to accept the challenge of specialized Christian service. I responded, with the understanding that someday I would be a preacher. 

After graduation from high school, I secured a job selling carpet in a large department store. After six months, my boss told me he planned to make me assistant manager. I was thrilled and told my preacher, Jim Walters, about it. I shall never forget his brief response. He said, “Wayne, with your ability, do you think selling carpet is the best way you can serve the Lord?” 

I soon enrolled in the Cincinnati Bible Seminary. Four years later, I graduated and served seven years in rural Kentucky before accepting a call from Broadway Christian Church to plant the Southland Christian Church in Lexington, where I served 40 years. 

I thank God for James Walters, who lives in Lexington and enjoys good health at 93. His advice in the form of a question is the best I ever received.

Wayne B. Smith is the retired senior minister of Southland Christian Church, Lexington, Kentucky.

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