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Doug Priest
Doug Priest

By Doug Priest

(From our series “The Best or Worst Advice I’ve Ever Received.”)

During my final year of high school in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, our school newspaper wanted to run an article where the seniors (there were 20 of us) would state the profession they wanted to go into. I wrote that I wanted to be either a psychologist or a missionary.

My school was a boarding school, so I did not see my parents for months at a time. The next time my father was in town, I was telling him how hard it was to decide which option I should pursue, or even if there were some other options I should be considering.

Dad listened, and then he shared this bit of wisdom with me, which I have remembered and cherish to this day. He said, “You know, Doug, there are really only two things you can do in your life. You can serve yourself, or you can serve others.”

I chose the latter. As for my dad, Doug Priest Sr., he is still preaching at the ripe young age of 85.

Doug Priest serves as executive director of CMF International.

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