Two Kinds of Churches
Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson

By Gary Johnson

(From our series “The Best or Worst Advice I’ve Ever Received.”)

As the lead servant at Indian Creek Christian Church (The Creek) in Indianapolis, I will be forever indebted to the late Dr. Joe Ellis, one of my favorite professors at Cincinnati Christian University. Dr. Ellis told me there are two types of churches: member driven and mission driven. 

Member-driven churches account for roughly three out of four churches across America, and the desires of the members drive these congregations. 

However, only one of four churches in our nation is on mission to seek and to save broken, disadvantaged, lost people. These congregations make bold and courageous decisions to “do church” in a way that brings people to Christ, rather than merely keep existing members happy. 

Dr. Ellis provided me with more than a piece of advice—he provided me with a piece of profound wisdom.

Gary Johnson is lead servant of The Creek, Indianapolis, Indiana

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