Three Ways to Improve the Attitude of Your Team

10_BP_team_JNBy Michael C. Mack

Your attitude as a leader can either kill or build your team, says Carey Nieuwhof, author of Leading Change Without Losing It and lead pastor of Connexus Community Church in Barrie, Ontario. What can you do to cultivate a better attitude? Nieuwhof gives three solutions:

1. Get more sleep. Someone once told Nieuwhof that 70 percent of discipleship is a good night’s sleep. How holy, passionate, and kind can you be when you’re exhausted?

2.Create white space on your calendar. Be sure you create margin in your life—space on your schedule that is not filled with anything. Use that space to spend more time with God, write, or do something else you enjoy. Nieuwhof is most kind, he says, when he has the most margin.

3. Deal with your junk. We all have issues to deal with: childhood issues, negative emotions, and other junk that’s affecting our attitude and that of our family, friends, and team. See a counselor, get a mentor, talk to a friend, or do all three, he says.

Nieuwhof suggests doing one more thing. Apologize to your team for your attitude problem. They probably won’t be shocked by it!

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