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So You Want to Write a Book: Top Ten Ways to Writing a Book (That Gets Published)


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By Arron Chambers

1. Write . . . like the wind! Practice makes perfect. If you want to be a good writer, you must practice writing.

2. Prepare for rejection. Every author I know has been rejected””many times. One of my best friends was rejected for 18 years, but he refused to quit, and he is now on his sixth book with a major publisher, which leads me to my next bit of advice . . .

10_Chambers_book23. Don”t quit. If you are serious about writing, if you have something to say, and if you have even basic writing talent, keep working at it until you get something published somewhere.

4. Prepare a proposal. A proposal is a marketing plan for your book that includes your biographical information, a market analysis, target audience, detailed table of contents, and at least one sample chapter.

5. Read books on writing and marketing books. I”d start with The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.

6. Don”t work with a publisher or an agent who expects to be paid in advance of a signed book contract. Don”t pay a single dollar until all of your other options are gone, and then spend your money only with a legitimate company that will help you self-publish your book.

7. Get an agent. Once your proposal is finished, I”d recommend doing a Google search for “Christian Literary Agents,” and then e-mail your proposal to as many as you can. Prepare for rejection (See No. 2 above) . . . a lot of it.

8. Be patient. The publishing industry is very slow. Pace yourself. From what I”ve experienced, it takes about 18 months for a book to go from the initial contract to the shelf of your local bookstore.

9. Consider self-publishing. If you believe you have something to say and there is someone who will want to read it, but you can”t convince any agent or publisher of that “fact,” consider self-publishing.

10. Network with other authors. I”ve found, in the publishing business, it”s not necessarily what you know but who you know. Get to know as many authors as you can. Ask them questions. Seek advice. Be nice to them.

*For more information on writing a book, visit Arron Chambers”s blog (www.MyLordandMyBlog.wordpress.com) and read the series of articles entitled, “So, You Want to Write a Book?”

Arron Chambers serves as pastor with Journey Christian Church in Greeley, Colorado.


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Books by Arron Chambers:

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Devoted: Isn”t It Time to Fall More in Love With Jesus? (NavPress, 2014 See www.DevotedBook.com)

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    I’ve discovered it’s possible to print books of up to 64-pages very satisfactorily in small quantities. What’s harder is selling them then. So I give away books and tracts most days, and seldom get a complaint on the price. I think we should buy books from Standard Publishing just to keep it in business promoting independent churches of Christ/Christian Churches. I recommend the LOOKOUT and the CHRISTAN STANDARD as must-reads in independent circles. And to continue publishing, Standard Publishing MUST make a profit. That means every church sharing love for the Lord should be purchasing those publications and distributing them in their communities.

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