Ideas for Reaching Mom’s Family on Mother’s Day

Did you know churches see the third-largest attendance of the year on Mother’s Day (see graph)? Do you know why? It’s not because more moms are there. No, attendance swells on Mother’s Day because family members who love the moms choose to show their love by attending on that special day.

05_BP_moms-family_JNThat means Mother’s Day is a great day to reach many unchurched people with the message of Christ. So instead of (or, perhaps, in addition to) doing the traditional Mother’s Day message and handing out roses to moms, it’s time to strategically love on those whom these moms love. What better gift for moms than to see their loved ones take a step toward faith in Jesus? Here are just a few ideas for Mother’s Day (on May 10 this year):

• Pray for families who will be attending on Mother’s Day, especially those who don’t have a relationship with Christ. Ask God to draw them to him.

• In your message, tell the crowd what mom would like to say (but may not have the courage to say): a Christian mom’s greatest desire is for her loved ones to love Jesus, and to spend eternity in Heaven with her and with Jesus. Acknowledging this isn’t easy to say, but it’s vital to say.

• Be sure visitors know about all the ministries you offer; for instance, groups for men and singles, ministries for single moms and those struggling with addictions, and so forth.

• Have information available for anyone who wants to know more about following Jesus. Use a bulletin insert, URL, or QR code, for instance.

• Invite visitors back for the next sermon, series, class, or group that meets their needs right where they are.

—Adapted from “6 High-Impact Outreach Ideas for Mother’s Day”
by Yvon Prehn

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