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We asked 35 Christian leaders, “Who is the influencer with the biggest impact on your life and ministry?” Most of these leaders listed several influential thinkers, writers, innovators, and leaders more of us should get to know. This response is from Liz Curtis Higgs, conference speaker and best-selling author of Bad Girls of the Bible.


Three remarkable leaders quickly come to mind:

Christine Caine thinks globally, speaks passionately, and states her mission clearly: “to make Jesus’ last command our first priority: ‘Therefore go and make disciples of all nations’” (Matthew 28:19). Along with her husband, Nick, Christine is deeply involved in church planting and disciple making, as well as spearheading The A21 Campaign against human trafficking.

A Haitian refugee camp in the Dominican Republic.
A Haitian refugee camp in the Dominican Republic.

What has Christine’s leadership taught me? To be bold, uncompromising, and utterly Christ-centered (

Ann Voskamp leads with words that plow deep into readers’ hearts through her blog and books. She never shrinks away from difficult subjects, and is quick to admit her own failures, even as she helps others face their own desperate need for a Savior. Her work with Compassion International has changed the lives of hundreds of children around the world. But her humility speaks more loudly than her words.

What has Ann’s leadership taught me? To be willing to walk in faith, celebrate the small, and trust God to do the impossible, because he can and will (

Jennie Allen is also a speaker and writer, but her vision extends far beyond her own ministry. With IF:Gathering in Austin, Texas, IF:Local in hundreds of locations around the world, and IF:Equip online, Jennie leads a powerful team of volunteers, whose mission is “to gather, equip, and unleash the next generations of women to live out their purpose.”

What has Jennie taught me? To be fearless in the face of fear, dream big because we serve a big God, and put Bible study at the very heart of everything we do. Only through his Word will lives be changed forever (

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