The Best Sermon I’ve Ever Heard

By Arron Chambers

Christian leaders, some of them preachers themselves, tell us about a sermon they can’t forget—and maybe you won’t either.

(from left) Geoff Surratt, Ruth T. Reyes, and David Smith
(from left) Geoff Surratt, Ruth T. Reyes, and David Smith

Geoff Surratt

Geoff Surratt has served on the leadership teams at Seacoast Church and Saddleback Church, and as managing director of Exponential. He is an author of The Multi-Site Church Revolution, The Multi-Site Church Roadtrip, and Ten Stupid Things that Keep Churches from Growing. He now serves as pastor of church planting at Southeast Christian Church in Parker, Colorado, as well as coaching churches and leaders around the country. Geoff lives in Denver, Colorado, with his wife, Sherry. Geoff and Sherry have two awesome kids, a wonderful daughter-in-law, and the most beautiful granddaughters on earth.

Geoff’s Best Sermon: The best sermon on defining the basics of following Christ by Andy Stanley, senior pastor, North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia (

Why Geoff likes this sermon: “It is amazing how much emphasis church leaders put on things Jesus would likely consider minor, and how little emphasis we place on the one thing both Paul and Jesus said is central to the Christian faith. Andy Stanley does a great job refocusing us on the main thing.”

Ruth T. Reyes

Ruth T. Reyes is professor of music and assistant dean of the School of Communication and Creative Arts at Johnson University Florida. Ruth is a volunteer musician and teacher at Real Life Christian Church, Clermont, Florida. Ruth’s passion is studying the Word of God and investing in young people’s lives.

Ruth’s Best Sermon: The best sermon on relationships by Justin Miller of Real Life Christian Church in Clermont, Florida (

Why Ruth likes this sermon: “Justin Miller has a way with words that connect and cut right to the core. He explains Scriptures with simple honesty and reconciles its truth with practical suggestions to life. His comments on ‘wives to submit and be the yielding partner so that the husband can reflect Christ and his leadership . . . and that to willingly step down is a high calling’ resonated and convicted this stubborn heart of mine.”

David Smith

David Smith is the preacher at Moreland (Kentucky) Christian Church. He grew up in Elizabethton, Tennessee, and graduated from Florida Christian College in 1989. Dave has been the preacher at MCC for 23 years. He is married to Jan (Mabry), and they have two children, Ethan and Savanna.

David’s Best Sermon: The best sermon on endurance, by Matt Proctor (

Why David likes this sermon: “Matt Proctor preached a sermon . . . at the [2009] NACC (with the theme “Still Amazed”) dealing with endurance when the Christian is going through difficulties.

“I have been preaching for 23 years at a small church in Moreland, Kentucky. In 2009, I almost quit the ministry and everything else in my life. Depression took over and I was done. There were a number of factors that probably led to this state, but I couldn’t ever put my finger on what caused this illness. (I had never gone through anything like this before). Week after week I went through the motions—preaching, visiting, etc.—but I wasn’t really there. I look back and wonder how God kept me going and doing the minimum of what I could get by with, without everyone in our church giving up on me. God, in his grace, is patient and loving indeed.

“Then came the NACC, which I try to attend every year. Thursday night, Matt Proctor preached to me. I don’t think it was coincidental that he was called to preach that particular sermon on that night, in that year. This was the beginning of my healing.

“The rest of the year was not great, but I had bought Matt’s book Finish-Line Faith that had in it a lot of what he said that night. I preached through his book, chapter by chapter [in 2010], and slowly came out of my depression, and God has blessed our little church in a cow pasture and my health ever since.

“I thank you, Matt. We have never met. But someday I will thank you in person. As preachers and teachers, we sometimes never know who is in our audience, and whom we might be encouraging to press on with that finish-line faith.”

Arron Chambers serves as lead minister with Journey Christian Church, Greeley, Colorado.

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