Meditating on Hope: December 8

By Becky Ahlberg

Tuesday, December 8

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? Have you even started? How many parties and gatherings do you have on your calendar? How many Christmas programs or Christmas Eve services have you scheduled this year? Sometimes just thinking about these things can make a person weary!

Now add to this list the hurting members of your congregation who find the holidays depressing or wounding, and who need your wise counsel and pastoral touch. Maybe you find Christmas depressing and wounding, and it becomes a weary ordeal as you try to find the Christmas spirit somewhere. Perhaps you feel you must hide behind a spiritual façade.

Take a minute and read through Isaiah 40:28-31 and then ask yourself: is your hope in the Lord? I know you know that the Lord is the everlasting God. Let that fill you with hope as you plan your day today. He won’t grow tired and weary, even if you do.

Ask him to be the wind beneath your wings this Christmas season. Find the strength to soar above the weariness because you trust God to carry you to New Year’s Day and beyond!

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