Meditating on Joy: December 24

12_Devotions4By Becky Ahlberg

Thursday, December 24

Having grandchildren is a particular joy. I am constantly amazed at their humor, insight, and ability to live with joyous abandon. They make me laugh and watch in wonder as they encounter their world.

“Christmas is for children” is a common phrase this time of year. Decorations, extra “goodies” to eat, and, of course, gifts are some of their favorite things. We love to see them squeal with delight.

But is that what brings them joy? The older I get the more I realize that children are elated with just about anything if they are with someone they love. It’s never more evident than when they come to the house—any time of year—and they see you at the door. “Grandma!” they shout as they run to you. You scoop them up in your arms and kiss their little face and the joy between the two of you is electric. Not because of toys and treats, but just because you are together.

On this Christmas Eve, even in the midst of all the glitter and goodies and gifts, may you know the deep joy of just being loved and safe in the arms of Jesus.

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