Meditating on Love: December 29

12_Devotions12By Becky Ahlberg

Tuesday, December 29

Read Ephesians 3:14-19. 

We pray for other people all the time. How many times have you sat in your office or in a home or at a hospital bedside and prayed for someone to know the deep love of Christ? Praying for someone is an act of love and creates a bond of friendship, even kinship, as we make our requests known to the Lord. We pray, believing God hears our prayers and that prayer will offer hope and comfort to those we care about.

But today, read this Scripture as a prayer for you. Let it wash over you and remind you that Paul is praying for the strength and power of Christ’s love to fill you to your very core. In the midst of your work, it is easy to forget to seek God for yourself; to admit that you need him to heal your wounds, hear your prayers, calm your fears, fill you with his presence not just as you serve, but as you acknowledge your need of him.

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