Meditating on Love: January 1

12_Devotions9_JNBy Becky Ahlberg

Friday, January 1, 2016

Read Hebrews 1:1-3. 

This passage brings the story of the incarnation full circle. We have come through another year to remember Jesus’ birth with calls to hope, peace, joy, and love. I hope your Christmas celebration was meaningful. And now as you head into the new year, clean up the leftovers, return gifts, and put away the decorations, never forget that his coming, though a gift to you, was a sacrifice for him.

I pray that the depth of that sacrifice moves you beyond the quaint story of a manger and hay. Never forget that he sits at the right hand of the Father—in majesty. Scenes of Heaven in Revelation refer to him as King of kings and Lord of lords. How humbling and awe-inspiring to consider the lengths to which he would go to show his love for you.

And I pray the perfect ending to your joyous celebration will find you moving beyond the baby in a manger, even beyond the cross and your redemption. May this new year find you worshipping with all your heart at the feet of the King of kings.

Becky Ahlberg serves as executive director of My Safe Harbor in Anaheim, California.

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