2016 NACC Is Offensive!

By Wendy Fitzgerald

A good defense isn’t enough to help us score against the enemy.

Every year, Americans gather to watch two teams battle for the title of Super Bowl Champion. While the defensive, offensive, and special teams units are all important to a team’s success, the offense scores the most points.

02_NACC_BetterStory_Logo_JNThe same is true of our faith. As Christians, we are in a battle that can be won only if we engage offensively. As long as we have strong defense, the enemy will not score against us, but we need a good offense to score against him! When Jesus left the earth, he said, “Go and make disciples.” Making disciples is how we “score” in God’s kingdom, so faith that is passed down from one generation to the next is “offensive” to the enemy.

At a recent family gathering, the kids all gathered to play capture the flag. During the first play, the element of danger and excitement soared as efforts to capture the flag were thwarted and players were captured by the opposing team. Unfortunately, a few moments after the initial thrill, stagnation set in as both teams ended up in a standoff on the middle line. Each side refused to cross it because of the danger in enemy territory. As the clock ticked on, the Florida sunshine became oppressive, and the kids, uncomfortable from the heat and bored of the game, began to complain and quit.

Playing It Safe

Sometimes our faith is like this game. In the beginning, faith is exciting, but after engaging for awhile, we learn to play it safe. We avoid hard times. We pray for comfort. We enjoy the moment. Meanwhile, we forget and forsake the battle for which we are called to fight.

But the next generation is struggling to see an active faith that requires engagement. We must pass on a better story. Our faith must be intentional. We must have a strategy. We must display purpose and passion! We must storm the gates of Hell, for that is what we are called to do in order to score for God’s kingdom, and that is why the North American Christian Convention is being deliberately offensive!

Not Docile, Not Safe

The 2016 NACC theme is “A Better Story.” God’s story is not docile. It is not safe. Instead, it is engaging and intentional and able to transform lives.

That is why a major strategy of this year’s NACC is to combine the adult conference with CIY MOVE! For the first time ever, you can attend the NACC while your middle and high school students attend CIY. On Thursday night, we will experience a combined worship session, joining all generations under one roof, to share one mission and accomplish one goal—changing the world through God’s better story!

Wendy Fitzgerald is cofounder of the If Then Movement, New Port Richey, Florida. She serves on the 2016 NACC Executive Committee. Follow her blog at www.ifthenmovement.com/blog.

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