A Child Named Faith

By Tim Spivey

Greg came to live a better story even through the tragedy of losing an infant child just hours after birth. Greg and his wife (who was a Christian) suffered that unspeakable loss. After I preached the funeral for their dear child, Greg surprised me by asking to study the Bible, and I was thrilled to baptize him into Christ a couple of months later. He eventually became a drummer in our worship band, sporting a large, lifelike tattoo of his recently passed daughter on one arm.

Baby girl (6-9 months) drinking bottle in high chair, close-upHe and his wife conceived a second child but were told late in the pregnancy this child suffered the same, 100 percent fatal disease as the first. They were understandably devastated, but informed me they had already named the child Faith and were committed to prayer and hoping God would deliver a miracle. My heart broke for this couple, and I privately wondered if this might shake Greg’s young faith.

Faith was delivered 12 weeks early, on her mother’s birthday. We all hoped for the best but were prepared for the worst. Through it all, our now shared faith in Christ provided a foundation of support and prayer that sustained the young couple through those dark nights.

God delivered a miracle. Faith was born in perfect health and just celebrated her third birthday. The faith of her parents is stronger than ever, and they have since had another healthy baby boy.

Ask Greg what changed his life, and he will tell you unequivocally—Christ.

Tim Spivey is lead pastor with New Vintage Church in San Diego, California.

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